Supplies for 2023-2024 Nursing Fundamentals-Eckard

Supplies for Eckard's Nursing Fundamentals

1- 2 inch 3 ring binder with 1 pack of notebook paper

8 dividers- labeled Scrub-ins, Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 4, Unit 5, Unit 6, CNA Prep & Terminology

Pencils, highlighters

1 pack of 3x5 index cards

1 box Kleenex

1 pair of slip-on hard soles/no slip slippers or shoes (these will be kept in class all semester!)


Skills Lab & Clinical Supplies

  1. 1-2 Royal Blue uniforms for clinical: Make sure you can move, squat and bend in the uniform. Do not get scrubs that are too tight. No other colors or printed scrubs will be allowed. Also, no lab coats. 

  2. Nursing Fundamentals t-shirt- The t-shirt will be ordered in late August/September and will cost approximately $15 and can be paid for with cash or a check made out to LCST and given to Ms. Wesson. Do not bring money in until you are told the exact price and due date. 

  3. White athletic shoes, (leather is preferred, canvas/cloth will get too wet at times) no open toes/heels

  4. Watch with a second hand:  We will use this for vital signs the first week of school so please buy or borrow a cheap watch.

  5. BLACK pen is REQUIRED for nursing.

  6. Immunization Record/Proof of Vaccinations (TB Skin test & Tetanus) (proof of MMR, HBV, Chicken Pox, and COVID) 

  7.  CPR certification- bring in a copy or show your teacher a picture of your CPR card. You received your CPR card in the email you provided! 

  8.  Student transportation is a vital necessity for this class due to students traveling to the clinical site. I am not allowed to transport students in my personal vehicle due to liability. If you choose to ride with another student, please consult with your parent and the parent of the driver so all are aware. Please include the names of the driver and passengers on the permission slip which will be sent at a later date.

State Exam:  Students who qualify to take the state nurse aide exam will complete the online application in class.  The fee of $140 is payable by debit, credit card, or VISA gift card.  No cash or checks are accepted.  The fee is due in late November. Also needed for the state exam is a Government/State issued ID and a non-laminated Social Security Card signed by YOU, the student, and not a parent. 

No copies of a social security card or photo ID are accepted. It must be the true social security card and not laminated!!