Book List from AP Lit Exam 1971 - 2014

The novels (and dramas; you must choose a novel) on this list have appeared as potential resources in Question 3/Open Question according to the College Board (or even excerpted and/or directly referenced) on the AP Literature & Composition exam. While this list potentially does not include all works that are considered classic literature (an area of debate), it is a great resource when considering what text to select for your reading. You are wlecome to attempt to select a novel not appearing on this list (it hasn't been updated for a few years). However, you must also attempt to prove to your instructor that it is worthy of being considered literature. Outside sources sharing your sentiment should be applied as evidence.

Book List from AP Lit Exam 1971-2014.doc.pdf, 151.31 KB; (Last Modified on August 29, 2017)