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School Based Mental Health Services  Bid deadline 4/18/2023  
Bid Tabulations
Asphalt Repairs- NB  03.14.2023  
New Asphalt Connector Drive- ELM  03.14.2023  
Gymnasium HVAC Unit- LOVE  03.14.2023  
Network Wiring/Camera Project- 8 Sites  03.14.2023  
Network Wiring & Camera Project- PCP/PCI  1/17/2023  
Network Wiring & Intercom Project- GEM, UN, BG, CS  1/17/2023  
Tar and Gravel Roofing System- SRL  12/13/2022  
Walk-in Cooler/Freezer- LH  11/8/2022  
Wastewater Treatment Facility Liner- WLM 11/8/2022  
Security Fencing- ELH, LH, RS  10/11/2022  
Timber Project-WLM  9/13/2022