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Spotlight on Master Sergeant David Fowler




Master Sergeant David Fowler is an Air Force JROTC Instructor for Lincolnton High School. Master Sergeant Fowler completing both his B.S. and M.A while working 12 hour shifts (sometimes night shifts) in the Air Force. He notes that it was a long 6 years but in the end it was well worth it. He relates this experience to the saying “always eat your peas and carrots first, and then you will be able to enjoy the dessert without guilt”. As part of the larger Lincolnton community, you may see Dave working along-side his counterpart Lieutenant Colonel Robin Sites and the LHS AFJROTC Cadets in community service activities.  


Prior to joining the Air Force, Dave attended high school in Orlando, FL. Then, while serving in the Air Force, he earned an Associates of Science in Applied Aerospace Science from the Community College of the Air Force, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wesley College in Dover, DE, and then a Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Washington College in Chestertown, MD. As an instructor for 3 years, he says “I truly love the small community feel where I as a teacher can really get to know my students.  I attended a high school that had over 5,000 students, and was not provided an opportunity to get to know my teachers.” 


When asked what advice he would give students, Dave says “Do your best to be friends with, and help everyone you can; you never know whose help you may need later.” He advises his students to make a plan and see it to completion.  He expands on this saying that students should alter that plan only to achieve a better outcome when necessary. Dave explains that “I have seen what can happen to people with great ideas but no plan to implement the idea.  If the plan is not implemented it stays just that, an idea.”  


Dave shared that it is great to work in an atmosphere that has a family feel to it. He really enjoys working with students and feels “that he and Lieutenant Colonel Sites have an opportunity to make a good impression on the students and their futures.”  He likes that his class provides structure, a good atmosphere, and that AFJROTC provides a lot of opportunities for community service and personal growth. 


Dave moved to the area after his children graduated high school.   He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Sharon, for over 24 years. They have two girls.  Alexa, his oldest is 23 and married with my first grandchild Jackson.   His youngest daughter, Trista, is 20.  She graduated with two associate degrees this year from Gaston Community College and started her first semester at NC State. During his free time Master Sergeant Fowler loves to ride his mountain bike on as many trails as he can. He also enjoys woodworking and just about any outdoor activity.

Lincoln County Schools provides high school students an expansive curriculum and community service opportunities through the JROTC programs. Lincolnton High School houses the Air Force JROTC and West Lincoln High School houses the Navy JROTC. Over one hundred students are served throughout the year in each of these programs. LCS is honored to have high quality JROTC instructors serving its students and values the opportunities that the JROTC programs provide for the school and the community. 

David Fowler