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Spotlight on Tara Stancil




Tara Stancil has been sharing her passion for art with Lincoln County Schools for twelve years. Currently, Mrs. Stancil teaches art at Pumpkin Center Primary and Intermediate Schools. She loves her school and staff and students that she works with every day. While she acknowledges that the students at Pumpkin Center are just good kids, she feels fortunate to work with a staff that supports each other in all that they do. She began her career as a teacher with Lincoln County Schools and has learned so much over the years. Mrs. Stancil says her “hope is to keep learning and growing for years to come”.


Tara attended Catawba County Schools as a student. She then went on to college at Appalachian State University. While at Appalachian State she studied art and earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in K-12 Art. Her two children, Lahna and Melia are fortunate to be able to attend school where their mother works. Lahna is a third grader at Pumpkin Center Intermediate and Melia will be in Kindergarten next year at Pumpkin Center Primary.


When asked what advice she would give students, Mrs. Stancil said “Be kind to others and be yourself”. She wants her to students to always keep learning and to know that teachers are here to help.  Likewise, Tara explains many people have helped her along the way. As a result she has developed many great friendships and relationships with her students and the community. She says that working with other people is one of the many great things about her job.


Mrs. Stancil’s biggest project right now is getting the Pumpkin Center yearbooks ready for printing. She loves to make things. She enjoys painting and has recently started wood burning. She has two dogs and a cat and enjoys spending time with her family and her pets. She is proud to be a mom, a wife, and a teacher. She confirms that she truly loves her job.


Lincoln County Schools appreciates the enhanced education that special area teachers—like art teachers—give our students. The arts are a valuable and an essential program for our schools and is one of the many programs that expands learning for Lincoln County Schools’ students.  

Tara Stancil