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Spotlight on Deanna Dunn


Deanna Dunn  
Deanna Dunn is the Title 1 Reading Specialist for Kiser Intermediate School. Deanna has worked for Lincoln County Schools for nearly ten years. 

Deanna’s dad was in the Navy which meant her family moved quite a bit. As a result, her childhood education included schools in Connecticut, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Since becoming part of the Kiser Intermediate family with Lincoln County Schools, Deanna says that, “she enjoys Kiser because no matter what is thrown our way, we persevere and we don’t give up!” Deanna says that the school system is special because it “allows me to be involved with students and meet their families and be a part of their lives”. She likes that she can see students around town and throughout the summer. She believes this helps make the connection with students and their families even stronger.


Deanna has built a strong career in helping children learn to read. After attending Arkansas Tech University and getting a B. S. degree in Education, she attended Texas Women’s University to become certified in Reading Recovery. Then, when she moved to North Carolina, she attended Appalachian State University and received a master’s degree in Reading Education along with a certificate in Administration.


Deanna would like for students to know that whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve it with hard work and determination. She feels that every student she has worked with through the years has inspired to be her best every day. Her advice to students is to “be the best that you can be”. She says that “when each of us gives his or her best, then you cannot go wrong; always put your best foot forward”.


Deanna is married to Michael Dunn and her daughter Meredyth attended Lincolnton High School. She enjoys reading and spending time with her family. She particularly enjoys books by John Grisham because he is able to weave many different lives together with just a few degrees of separation making the reader feel close to each character. She currently is reading Grisham’s The Last Juror.


Deanna celebrates her students as her greatest accomplishment—“her pride and joy”! Likewise, Lincoln County Schools is proud of Deanna and the joy of reading that she provides for our students every day.