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Spotlight on Christie Burke

Christie Burke  

Name: Christie Burke 


Subject/Position: Career Development Coordinator


Work location within Lincoln County Schools(LCS): North Lincoln High School


How long have you worked for LCS: 10 years


Personal: Married to Robert Burke and has two children- Gabrielle and Jack; both students at NLHS.  They attended Rock Springs and NLMS. 


Where did you attend school as a student (K-12)? I attended schools in Pennsylvania from kindergarten through college graduation. 


What do you like best about your school/work location? North Lincoln isn’t a school that is just right around the corner for most people. It’s a school that teachers and students have to drive to, yet it still feels like a small town, close knit community school.


If you could give students one piece of advice what would it be and why? I’d tell students “Do what’s best for you”.  I say that because as a Career Development Coordinator, I sometimes see students choose classes or make plans for their future based on what their friends are doing. I really think high school is a great opportunity to try out different classes to find out what you may or may not like. It’s also a time to figure out what will work best for you in the future, whether that’s a four year university, community college, technical school or the military. I just want students to find their own success and not be pressured to choose things based on what their peers are doing.


Why is Lincoln County Schools special to you? I’ve been lucky enough to work at three out of four of the county high schools and I have friends and colleagues that connect me to the other school. While I am fully aware that we have some good old fashioned rivalry between those schools when it comes to sports, I feel that when it comes to academics, our teachers really come together to do what’s best for Lincoln County students. I truly feel blessed to know so many teachers, administrators and staff members from all of the different schools because they’re the ones that make our schools so great!


Where did you go to college and in what area(s) of study did you earn your degree(s)? I attended Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania. My degree is in Business and Marketing Education.


What book are you currently reading? “What She Knew” by Gilly Macmillan is currently downloaded on my Kindle, waiting for me to find some free time to read it.


Please list hobbies or activities that you like to do while not working? When I’m not at school, you’ll see me walking my dogs or you may spot me at the gym. I also frequent Lowe’s Home Improvement because it seems like we always have some sort of project going on at our house.


Are there any notable accomplishments that you are proud to share with others? I’m proud to be part of CTE (Career and Technical Education). As a Career Development Coordinator, I get to help students select classes in a variety of areas within CTE. I feel that CTE classes give students the opportunity to explore a variety of careers that they can go straight into immediately after high school or continue with into their post secondary schooling. CTE gives students the chance to earn industry recognized certifications that can serve as resume builders or be taken straight into the workplace. When students participate in CTE sponsored organizations, they also enhance their skills, in areas such as communication, interview, leadership, and problem solving.