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Classroom/Remote Learning Expectations

Classroom Expectations


Students will need to wear masks at all times on school grounds including when outside or inside. You will not have to wear a mask while eating or performing strenuous exercises. Do not share materials and be sure to wash your hands, use hand sanitizers, get your temperature checked and do not come to school if you do not feel well. It is up to all of us to make sure we protect each other from disease. 


Students will follow the correct hallway direction signs to get to their classes. Every other seat will be marked off with tape indicating you may not sit there. 

1. Upon entering, please use the provided hand sanitizer and go directly to your seat. 

2. Take out the previous day's materials. Your notebook, Chromebook and a pencil. 

3. Write down the daily objective. 

4. Participate in your lesson. 

5. Use the new electronic hall pass if you need the restroom. *more info to come

6. Wait for dismissal before getting out of your seat.

Remote Instruction Procedures

If you are participating at home in class either full time or on the two days that you are not in the classroom, you will still be utilizing Canvas for all of your assigments and links to assignments.  You will be able to email, use Google Meets or a phone call for virtual meetings during Wednesday office hours for additional help with your studies.  

Third period Google Meet: (TBD due to lunch)

Fourth period Google Meet: 2:30-3:00

Attendance will be taken during these times. DO YOUR BEST TO ATTEND ALL GOOGLE MEETS.