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Dress Code for Student


LCS Dress Code Policy



Dress Code


dress code measurement using dollar bill



1st offense: warning & call for a change of clothes (may be sent back to class until a change of clothes are brought unless extreme)


2nd offense: Call for change of clothes & 2 blocks ALC (stay in ALC longer until change of clothes are brought) 


3d offense: Call for change of clothes & ALC


4th offense: possible OSS


Dress Code: (LCS Board Policy 4316) 

The Board of Education recognizes that all inappropriate dress cannot be defined within the context of this selection.  Therefore, the Board of Education

delegates to the school administrator the authority to determine the appropriateness or inappropriateness of dress not specifically addressed in this


The following attempts to address inappropriate student dress: 

*Tops, tank tops, and shirts must cover the chest, back, and midriff. Any top, tank top or shirt must have shoulder

straps of at least two (2) inches in width.

*Shorts, skirts, and dresses should not be shorter than the students longest finger as he/she holds his/her arms

down by her side.

*Tights/leggings should not be worn as outerwear.

*Slashed, cut-up clothing or holes in clothes from the knee up.

“Sagging” pants.

 Underwear is worn as outerwear.

 Clothing with alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substance advertisement or reference.

 Clothing displaying vulgar writing, symbols of sexual reference, racial comments.

 Exposed undergarments.

 See-through clothing.

 No headgear, hats, or hoods can be worn inside a school building during the school day without prior approval by the school administration for special reasons.

 Gang attire is prohibited during the regular school day and at extracurricular events. Any dress, book bags, or materials that reflect the association with or promoting of a “gang” are prohibited. Determination is made by the administration and/or resource officer.

 Decorative lenses.

 The Code of Student Behavior bans various modes of dress that would fall under the “disruptive behavior” category.

 Dark glasses worn inside a building are prohibited.

 No bedroom shoes or sleepwear can be worn without prior approval of the school administration for special occasions.

 Chains or jewelry that hangs from wallets.

 Spiked collars, rings, and bracelets which may be used as a weapon, cause injury, or hinder movement.