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ELMS will comply and enforce Lincoln County Schools (LCS) Board of Education (BOE) Policy 4316 for Student Dress Code

Code of Conduct Parent & Student Handbook and note the following:

  • Tops, tank tops, and shirts must cover chest, back and midriff. Any top, tank top, or shirt must have shoulder straps of at least 2 inches in width, which is easily and quickly measured by the width of 3 fingers.
  • Leggings and compression pants are only acceptable if worn with a shirt that meets fingertip length with shoulders relaxed and arms held at your side.
  • Jeans and pants with the popular ripped look are acceptable only when any ripped areas above the knee are backed in material and skin is not showing.
  • All shorts must meet fingertip length while standing with shoulders relaxed and arms held at your side.

Click For Board Policy Dress Code


Thank you in advance for complying with LCS BOE Policy 4316.