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Spirit Rocks


Please choose the link below for your child’s designated grade level or for the main rock by the cafeteria, which has more limited dates.


The date you choose will be the date you paint! You may arrive at school and start painting any time after 4PM (unless on a weekend) and the rock will not be repainted until the next day after 4PM if someone else has signed up. So, if your child's birthday/event is on September 7th, make sure to sign up for September 6th. If you sign up for a Sunday date and need to paint it on Friday or Saturday, please reach out to Haley Jackson at 704-890-4484 to make arrangements.


This is a fundraiser. The suggested donation is $10. Please send a check (made payable to RSE PTO) and drop off at the office or send it to school with your child. We are working on another way to donate… stay tuned.




1st Grade


2nd Grade


3rd Grade


4th Grade


5th Grade


Main Rock by cafeteria

Coming soon