• Parent Issue Procedures  

    Parent Issue Procedures: Sports Related

    1- If parent/student is upset post game or practice and feels that they need to speak to the coach, it is requested to the parent that they make an appointment to meet with the coach  24 hours afterwards.  This can occur before school starts the next day, during planning periods or before the next day event.  This conversation can be made with the any of the needed individuals (head coach, assistant coach, athletic director, and/ or administrator).

    2-  If a parent/student does not adhere to this request and continues to demand speaking to the coach post game or practice, then the coach needs to politely remind the individual(s) of the first request and then leave the situation.

    3- If the individual continues, then the coach needs to call for the SRO (where applicable), athletic director, or administrator to have the individual removed.

    4- The administrator would have the same conversation as noted in step #1.  

    5- If the individual persists, then the administrator has the opportunity to have the individual removed and could request that the Superintendent support a ban of this individual for a range of one (1) to three (3) contests.  This would be determined in the administrator's request to the Superintendent.

    6- If the same problem persists within the school year, the subsequent recommendation to the Superintendent could be made for the remainder of the year or sport season.