Enrolling New Students

Enrolling New Students


    To enroll a new student at North Lincoln High School, you will need the following items:

    1.  Student must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

    2.  Registration Enrollment Packet needs to be entirely completed

    3.  Birth Certificate of Student

    4.  Immunization Records

    5  Proof of Identity of Parent or Guardian 

         Examples:  Driver's License, DMV Photo ID, Military ID, Passport, Green Card

    6.  Two Proofs of Address showing that you live in NLHS district

         Examples:  Utility Bills (power, water, cable, gas (no CELL PHONE BILL), Tax Bills, Lease Agreement, Mortgage Statement

    7.  Transcript/Report Card from Previous School

    8  Withdrawal Form from Previous School 

         Students must withdraw from previous school before enrolling at NLHS

    9.  Custody Documentation, if applicable

    Please contact Amy Oyos, our Guidance Administrative Assistant at 704-736-1969 or Email Ms. Oyos to set up an appointment to enroll your child.