Daily Updates

  • Wednesday, December 4

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 12/4/2019

    Announcement of missing work due by Friday (prior to being put into PowerSchool as a 0)

    Foldable:  North & South

    States involved on both sides, Presidents

    Mapwork:  Follow directions to complete Civil War Map to use as guide throughout the next 2 weeks discussions

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  • Tuesday, December 3

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 12/3/2019


    Mapping of Civil War States, cities, etc.

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  • Monday, December 2

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 12/2/2019

    Review for "Steps to Civil War" Test

    Quizlet available under ELMSRocks


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  • Tuesday, November 26

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/26/2019

    Happy Thanksgiving Break

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  • Monday, November 25

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/25/2019

    Geography Quiz

    Timeline of Events leading to Civil War

    Test postponed until after Thanksgiving

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  • Friday, November 22

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/22/2019

    Geography Quiz:  Eastern U.S.

    Steps to War:  

    Uncle Tom's Cabin, Harriett Beecher Stowe

    John Brown/Harper's Ferry

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  • Thursday, November 21

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/21/2019

    Complete presentations

    Steps to War:

    Compromise of 1850

    Kansas Nebraska Act

    "Bleeding Kansas"

    Dred Scott

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  • Wednesday, November 20

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/20/2019

    2nd 9 weeks projects due


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  • Tuesday, November 19

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/19/2019

    "Cube" Biography of Civil War Individuals

      Side 1:  Name of person, date of birth, date of death

    Side 2, 3, 4:  3 significant facts (1 each side) about this individual  Picture of some significance with each fact

    Side 5:  Importance during Civil War Era.  Picture

    Side 6:  Student's Name, Class Period, Date.

    All sides must be colored completed.  Cut out and fold on lines.  Glue and put together.

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  • Monday, November 18

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/18/2019

    EdPuzzle:  Due by Friday, November 22 at 6:00 PM

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  • Friday, November 15

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/15/2019

    Steps to War:

    Texas Annexation

    Mexican-American War

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  • Thursday, November 14

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/14/2019

    Steps to War:

    Indian Removal Act

    Andrew Jackson

    Trail of Tears

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  • Wednesday, November 13

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/13/2019

    Steps to War:  

    Cotton Gin

    Eli Whitney

    King Cotton

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  • Tuesday, November 12

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/12/2019

    Steps to War:  

    Underground RR

    Harriet Tubman


    EXTRA CREDIT:  Go see movie "Harriet".  Bring in ticket stub and one paragraph about what you learned during the movie that you didn't know.

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  • Monday, November 11

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/11/2019

    Steps to War:  Missouri Compromise


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  • Friday, November 8

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/8/2019

    America, the Store of Us, Episode 3:  Westward

    (can be found on Amazon prime and youtube)

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  • Thursday, November 7

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/7/2019

    Same as yesterday.  All work due by end of class

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  • Wednesday, November 6

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/6/2019

    Discussion of President Madison

    War of 1812

    Class Reading

    Group work:  Q&A, Star-Spangled Banner

    All due tomorrow.

    1812: Questions and Instructions

    Star Spangled Banner

    Old Ironsides

    Francis Scott Key

    War of 1812

    Americas Second Revolution

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  • Tuesday, November 5

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/5/2019

    National Geographic's Lewis and Clark Video

    IXL: M.3:  Indian Removal

     N.2:  Comparing the North & the South

     N.4:  Antebellum Immigration

    Due Tuesday, November 12

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  • Monday, November 4

    Posted by RONDA FRIEL on 11/4/2019

    EdPuzzle = due Thursday

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