• Wednesday, April 1st- Continue working on Packets

    Posted by Cheryl Bruno on 4/1/2020
    • Don't forget to do the attendance form on Google Classroom.  Today's question- best April Fool's day prank you've seen or done.
    • Continue working on At Home assignments.  I'll work on the Mosa Mack tomorrow and check some other things for you, too.  Don't stress out over these and please let me know if you need any help.
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  • Tuesday, March 31st- Attendance classroom and Packets continued

    Posted by Cheryl Bruno on 3/31/2020
    • Sorry, I know I made some mistakes on the online packet work.  For the Periodic Table Review (using Google forms) I should have used checkboxes instead of multiple choice for the questions.  The advantage for you is that, if you choose one of the correct answers, you'll get it right.  Lesson learned for next time.
    • ALP Periodic Table Review- main things students are missing-
      • Some questions have more than one answer!
      • Elements are more reactive when they are closer to one of the F words.  Look at the list and see which is closest to an F word (will be most reactive) or farthest from an F word (least reactive).  Remember, Noble Gases are NONreactive.
    • I'm working on Mosa Mack issues
    • For Energy assignment, Click Print, then fill in name, class, etc and hit print again.  This should pull up the Printing Dialog box.  Change the DESTINATION from whatever printer is listed to Save as PDF. then send the PDF to me.
    • I will let you know about other bugs as I find them.
    • Everyone, be safe and get your rest.  Getting enough sleep helps your immune system and we can all use some help now!
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  • Monday, March 30th- New Learning Packets

    Posted by Cheryl Bruno on 3/30/2020

    Whole packet is linked to the ELMS Homepage and is also on my Google Classroom page.  


    We're working on ways to keep in contact, so stay tuned to Remind and Google Classroom for help.

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  • Friday, March 27th- Finalizing Packets for next week

    Posted by Cheryl Bruno on 3/27/2020
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  • Thursday, March 26th- Keeping in contact

    Posted by Cheryl Bruno on 3/26/2020

    Worked today on updating Remind so all students can access.  Forgot how?  Here's the info-

    • Number is 81010
    • Code is @Voyagertea
    • We will use this to send Zoom video meeting codes and other updates.

    Next week, you will be getting a second batch of assignments.  The digital ones will be on my Google Classroom.  Remember, you have to use your school email address in order to access Google Classroom. 

    If you have any questions or need anything we can get for you, please let us know.  The school is open from 8-3 so students can come by and pick up stuff.  Remember, you will be out of school through May 15th, so you might want to clean some of that stuff out of your locker before then- especially if it's smelly gym or lunch stuff!

    Take care and let us know if we can do anything for you.

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  • Wednesday, March 25th- Zoom meeting for questions

    Posted by Cheryl Bruno on 3/25/2020
    • Hey, Voyagers, hope you are taking it easy, doing some packet work, and enjoying some family time.
    • Voyager teachers (minus Ms. Friel) will have another Zoom meeting at 11:00 AM (Yes, I know this means you may have to wake up early) to go over any questions you may have about the packet.  Join code will be sent by Remind and we hope to see you there.
    • It's going to be nice today, so go out and enjoy some fresh air and exercise.
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  • Tuesday, March 24th- ZOOM meeting at 2:00

    Posted by Cheryl Bruno on 3/24/2020
    • Another fun day of social distancing.  Be safe, wash your hands, and get some exercise.
    • We will have a Zoom video meeting at 2:00.  Code to join will be on the Remind app.
    • Any questions about the Science packet work?  Let me know.
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  • Monday, March 23rd- Working on digital assignments

    Posted by Cheryl Bruno on 3/23/2020
    • Hey, guys, don't forget to start signing up for my Google Classroom
    • We are working on doing Zoom video meetings- more to come soon.
    • Take it easy.
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  • Friday, March 20th- Working on Packet assignments

    Posted by Cheryl Bruno on 3/20/2020

    Keep working on the Science packets.  If you have questions, send me an email or Remind and I should get back to you within a day.  

    I am also working on setting up Google Classroom to use for digital assignments.  The code for joining is    tj7st3s   and when I get more specifics I will let you know here or on Remind.  Nothing on there now, so don't go frantic looking for more work to do.  ;)

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  • Thursday, March 19th- Packet pick up continues

    Posted by Cheryl Bruno on 3/19/2020

    Pick up packets at office.  Be safe.

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