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  • Monday, February 24

    Posted by Amanda Vickers on 2/24/2020

    School Spirit Shirts can be ordered HERE.


    Today in Class:


    • Read and discussed "O Captain! My Captain" by Walt Whitman.
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  • Thursday, February 20

    Posted by Amanda Vickers on 2/20/2020

    Today in class:


    Completed IXL assignments that are due tomorrow and yesterday's fake text assignment.





    Enjoy the snow!!



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  • Wednesday, February 19

    Posted by Amanda Vickers on 2/19/2020

    Today in Class:


    • Created interpretations of "The Gettysburg Address" using
    • Go to Google Classroom to view and turn in assignment.


    Text 1

    Text 2

    TExt 3


    Grading Check List


    Effort Checklist

    Gettysburg Address


    4, 3, 2, 1 Focused on topic

    4, 3, 2, 1 All aspects included

    4, 3, 2, 1 Correct summary


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  • Tuesday, February 18

    Posted by Amanda Vickers on 2/18/2020

    Today in Class:


    • Read and discussed the first two paragraphs of "The Gettysburg Address"
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  • Friday, February 14

    Posted by Amanda Vickers on 2/14/2020

    Today in Class:


    • We read an article and had a great classroom discussion based on the ideas in the editorial.  


    "A Valentine for Darlene"




    • IXLs due next Friday.


    Enjoy your long weekend.



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  • Thursday, February 13

    Posted by Amanda Vickers on 2/13/2020

    Today in Class:


    • Completed quiz corrections for half credit back.  Those students who did not finish in class must finish for homework if they want the extra points added to their scores.




    • Finish quiz correction if you didn't in class
    • Take the two surveys that are on yesterday's post.
    • IXL - Due Friday, 2/21


    Quiz corrections

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  • Wednesday, February 12

    Posted by Amanda Vickers on 2/12/2020

    Click HERE to take the first survey that will determine which new books I will buy for my classroom.


    Click HERE to take the second survey.


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  • Monday, February 10

    Posted by Amanda Vickers on 2/10/2020

    Today in Class:


    • Took a quiz on "The Long Night of the Little Boats"




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  • Friday, February 7

    Posted by Amanda Vickers on 2/7/2020 2:55:00 PM

    Today in Class:


    • Watched videos relating to the 9/11 Boat Lift and the Cajun Navy
    • Compared these events to Operation Dynamo


    Operation Boat Lift


    Cajun Navy NC


    Cajun Navy info


    Cajun Navy Katrina


    Boat Lift DB


    Cajun Navy DB


    Dynamo written





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  • Thursday, February 6

    Posted by Amanda Vickers on 2/6/2020

    Stay Dry!!


     rain deer

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