At A Glance



    Lincoln County Schools serves approximately 11,500 students  and has 1200 full-time employees.  The district has 23 schools—13 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 4 high schools, Lincoln County School of Technology, and an alternative school.  


    Lincoln County Schools has no low performing schools and 90.4% of all schools met or exceeded growth.  The district ranked 23rd out of 115 in graduation rate, 16th for Grade Level Proficiency, and 15th for College and Career Readiness. 


    • The district graduation rate of 90.8% is higher than the state’s graduation rate of 86.5%.

    • Nineteen of twenty-one schools reporting growth measures met growth expectations.

    • Five schools exceeded growth expectations.

    • One school received an A+ng, earning an A and not having an achievement gap larger than the largest state average achievement gap.

    • Lincoln County Schools’ average GLP of 66.5% was higher than the state GLP of 59.2%.

    • The Lincoln County Schools’ CCR average of 56.7% was higher than the state CCR of 49.2%.

    • Six schools improved by one letter grade.


     Lincoln County Schools had a graduating class of 830 students.  39% of the class plan to go to a 4 year college, 47% are attending a community, technical, trade, or nursing school, 5% plan to join the military, and 8.7% plan on joining the workforce.  Total Scholarships awarded for class of 2018 totaled $20,764,475.