Lincoln County Schools



    At A Glance



    Lincoln County Schools serves over 11,627 students  and has 1200 full-time employees.  The district has 24 schools—14 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 4 high schools, Lincoln County School of Technology, and an alternative school. 


    • Lincoln County Schools graduation rate is 90.6%, one of the highest in the region and 4.8% higher than the state average graduation rate.

    • Lincoln County Schools ranked 12th in the state on the Career and College indicator (level 4 and 5).

    • Lincoln County Schools ranked 17th in the state on Grade Level Proficiency indicator (level 3, 4, 5).

    • Lincoln County Schools ranked 20th in  the state on the ACT indicator (percent of students meeting UNC system entry score of 17).

    • The majority of our schools meet the state’s growth expectations with six schools exceeding growth expectations. Schools continue to improve academically which is reflected in the annual report card with three elementary schools and one high school improving by one letter grade.




    Our graduating class received scholarships totaling $21,670,197.  The goal of our school system is to make each student career or college ready through excellent academic preparation and partnerships with local community colleges and businesses.  Approximately 41.3% of our 2015-2016 seniors planned to attend a 4 year college and 44.5% planned  to attend a community college, technical institute or trade/business.  Five percent had plans to join the military.