Mr. Travis Farmer

Phone: 704-736-9453 ext. 27129


Degrees and Certifications:

Gaston College - Associate of Arts (2003) UNC Wilmington - Bachelor of Arts (2005) I am certified to teach 6-9th grade Mathematics.

Mr. Travis Farmer

This is my 15th year at WLHS teaching Math 1/Algebra 1.  I give God all the glory for what he does for me daily.  I am surrounded by a supportive family and friends, an awesome wife, energetic son and I show up for work each day with a smile on my face.  During the fall you will more than likely catch me with a Green Bay Packers hat or shirt on.  Some of my pastimes include: camping, painting, woodworking, listening to music and playing ball with my wife and son outside.  I grew up in the WL community and my objective is to educate students to their maximum ability so that they can leave WLHS and continue to help build this community into a proud place to work and live.  

By replacing Greed with Gratitude we can make the world a more caring and giving place.  Work hard, appreciate what you have and thank God everyday for the opportunities we have. 


Fall 2019 Schedule:

1st Period - Foundations of Math 1 Inclusion

2nd Period - Foundations of Math 1 Inclusion

3rd Period - Math 1

4th Period - Planning


Spring 2020 Schedule:

1st Period - Math 1 Inclusion

2nd Period - Math 1 Inclusion

3rd Period - Math 1 

4th Period - Planning