Name Title Email Phone Number
Dr. Lory Morrow Superintendent 704-732-2261
Dr. Aaron Allen Associate Superintendent 704-732-2261
Dr. Rhonda Hager Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction 704-732-2261
Dr. Cale Sain Director of Career & Technical Education 704-736-1017
Shelly Rhyne Director of Child Nutrition 704-736-1017
Dr. Jennifer Cash Director of Exceptional Children 704-736-1017
Pam McBryde Director of Financial Operations 704-736-1017
Dr. Sandra Andrews Director of Instructional Technology & Media Services, Public Information Officer 704-736-1017
Diana Carpenter Director of Middle School Education 704-736-1017
Dr. Tim Beam Director of Federal Programs, Student Services, and Pre-School 704-736-1017
Rusty Saine Director of Accountability 704-736-1017
Melanie Huss Director of Elementary Education 704-736-1017
Samantha Campbell Director of Secondary Education 704-736-1017
Steven Hoyle Director of Information Technology Services 704-736-1017
Eric Eaker Director of Transportation 704-736-1017
Randy Putnam Director of Maintenance 704-736-1017
Dr. Heath Belcher Director of Human Resources 704-736-1017