• S. Ray Lowder Elementary School

    “Every student matters; every moment counts; every day is a new opportunity to make a difference.”



    Lincoln County Schools Mission Statement

    Lincoln County Schools will work together with students, families, and the community to ensure a quality innovative educational program in a safe environment where students become responsible, contributing citizens, and lifelong learners.

    SRL Mission Statement
    The staff of S. Ray Lowder Elementary School will form partnerships with students, parents, and the community to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment in which all students are provided quality instruction to develop the skills necessary for achieving academic success and becoming responsible citizens.


    SRL Vision

    At S. Ray Lowder, our vision is to create an inclusive environment in which all students recognize their ability to achieve goals through collaboration, dedication, and persistence which will empower them to take ownership in guiding the trajectory of their futures. 


    SRL Values

    DEDICATION to promote academic achievement and character development of our students.

    RESPECT for our school community.

    COOPERATION for collective efficacy of our organization.

    PERSEVERANCE in overcoming barriers to achievement. 

    DILIGENCE in continuous improvement for staff and students.


    S. Ray Lowder School Pledge

    As Lowder Lions, we pledge to…


    Participate in academic activities

    Respect all members of our school community

    Interact with others in a positive manner

    Develop good habits that lead to success

    Explore new opportunities to learn and grow