• North Brook Elementary uses a leadership tool named NCStar (Indistar) for the school improvement plan. The tool will guide our SIT Team leadership when evaluating effective practices in a web based platform. Most importantly, it focuses the team on the indicators that are needed to help improve a school's academic success in the school improvement plan.

    Like to know about NCStar- Click Here

    To access our School Improvement Plan and to review our progress throughtout the year visit www.indistar.org and use the login information provided below.  

    Guest Login- GuestS16664
    Password /- GuestS16664

    School Improvement Team Members: 
    Jennifer Carroll - Principal 
    Sheila Wright - Assistant Principal 
    Amber Sain - Pre K
    Rebecca Boyles - Kindergarten 
    Amy Chapman - 1st Grade 
    Suzanne Turner- 2nd Grade 
    Adrian Cloninger - 3rd Grade 

    Kim Lingerfelt- 4th Grade
    Caroline Bess - 5th Grade 
    Sally Day- Exceptional Children 
    Kendall Ward - Special Area 
    Jessie Leonhardt - Classified


    School Improvement Team Meeting Dates:

    August 2nd @ 8:30
    September 14th @ 3:10
    October 12th @ 3:10
    November 16th @ 3:10
    December 14th @ 3:10
    January 18th @ 3:10
    February 15th @ 3:10
    March 8th @ 3:10
    April 19th @ 3:10
    May 17th @ 3:10

    The June meeting will be held at 9:00; 
    June 7 (w/ 2023-2024 team)