• Vision Statement

    We are striving to become proficient, productive, polite, prepared, and punctual citizens. By working together we will SOAR...Seek to be better, Own our actions, All of us can learn, and Relationships matter.

    Mission Statement

    North Brook Elementary will provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum targeting 21st-century skills.  We will collaborate with all stakeholders to create a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment where students are empowered to discover their strengths, reach their maximum potential, recognize their leadership qualities, and become responsible, productive, proficient, and prepared learners.

    Our Shared Beliefs

    1. Given the appropriate learning environment, all students can learn.                                     

    2. Each day, all of us must seek to get better in our learning, teaching, and relationships.                               

    3. It is important for all of us to own our actions and learn from them in order to enhance our learning and the learning environment of others. 

    4. Relationships matter and it is the responsibility of students, teachers, parents, staff, and the community to come together to share accountability for student learning. 

    5. Rigorous, relevant, and engaging lessons are the basis for providing instruction that meets the various learning needs and styles of all students.     

    6. High expectations are crucial to help students become productive, prepared, proficient, polite, and punctual citizens.     

    7. For maximum learning, students must have high attendance rates and low tardiness, and/or early dismissal occurrences.