Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: How is this going to help me?

    A: Well, if you are a student who works after school, participates in extracurricular activities that limit time in the evenings, or simply don't want to do anything at home this extra time would be a great advantage to you.  

    Q: Will attendance be taken?
    A: Yes! Attendance will be taken and discipline will be assigned as if it is a normal class period. 
    Q: What if I have ______ class or online, or am off-campus? Do I need to come? 
    A: The short answer is yes, everyone is required to come to Mustang Block, but because everyone's schedule varies based on CCP, Online, CCP, NCSSM, or Internships, please review the exception list below. Please review this before asking any questions of your teachers. 
    • Must be exempt:
    • LCST students with 2nd and/or 3rd that overlap Mustang Block (2nd -34, 3rd - 25)
    • Face-to-Face Gaston 2nd and/or 3rd that overlap Mustang Block (1 known)
    • Internships 2nd or 3rd that overlap Mustang Block (1 Known)
    • NCSSM classes that overlap Mustang Block (0 known)
    • May be exempt:
    • Students that are off campus for both 2nd and 3rd period and are passing their seated 1st and/or 4th ELHS classes (35 known kids)
      • Must submit exemption form with conditions to leave campus  (Contact Mr. Van Eseltine)
      • If students are failing at checkpoints, the privilege to leave campus will be revoked (same as online classes currently)
    • Students who do not have to attend Mustang block on specific days:
      • Any student who is on campus during Mustang Block enrolled in a non-seated class (LCST, Online, Gaston/CCP, NCSSM, Internship)  at ELHS will report to the cafeteria during the respective period/day.
      • For example: Nate has a 1st period (LCST, Online, Gaston/CCP, NCSSM, Internship) class and is on campus on Monday during Mustang Block he will report to the cafeteria.
    Q: May I go to another teacher's classroom during this time?
    A: At this time, absolutely no student will be in any teacher's class that is not on their roster.
    Q: Do I really need to attend homeroom on Fridays?
    A: All students need to attend Homeroom, even if they can be off-campus because important information will be shared related to registration, graduation, ACT Prep, and Portrait of a graduate.*** (This is already the expectation for students)