• In the first Rocket League competition of the season, the Chief Gaming Team picked up several wins.
    In an exhibition match, the team of Andrew Limone and Justin Hughes defeated teammates Shane Williams and Alston Smock 5 games to zero. Andrew Limone led the way with 9 goals. The team of Holden Norman, PJ Bateman, and Blayden Hudson lost 3 matches to Zion Lutheran from Mattenson, Illinois. Blayden Hudson picked up 2 goals in the loss. In the last match, 6th graders Colby Glance, Ike Sain, and Finley Watson blew by Trumbill Middle School from Connecticut winning all three matches by a margin of 16-5. Colby Glance had 10 goals while Finley Watson chipped in 6.
    The next FortNite Battle Royale will be on Thursday with pick up at 4 pm. The next Rocket League Competition will be on Tuesday, October 23rd with a 430 pm pick up.