Mission and Vision Statements

  • Our Mission:


    At Asbury we believe in the resiliency of students and their efforts to grow , change, recover from a mistake and move forward in an accepting, positive environment. All of our students are expected, welcomed, accepted, valued, and appreciated for their unique individuality. As a school family, we work together to give our students the best chances for access and opportunities to educational and community supports systems with the specific intention of facilitating outcomes indicative of successful futures. 


    Our Vision:

    Accountability, Responsibility,  Grow,  Honor!

    • To provide flexibility in the student’s education program
    • To allow students to set educational and career objectives
    • To provide an alternative to a conventional school environment
    • To provide students with an opportunity to complete their education
    • To build relationships with students
    • To facilitate student’s personal growth and academic development
    • To promote responsibility and self direction


    Lincoln County Schools Mission Statement:

    Lincoln County Schools will work together with students, families, and the community to ensure a quality innovative educational program in a safe environment where students become responsible, contributing citizens, and lifelong learners.  


    Lincoln County Schools' Beliefs:

    • All students learn and are successful in the appropriate learning environment.

    • Students learn in a variety of ways.

    • Developing confident, self-directed, lifelong learners and productive citizens requires high expectations of all partners.

    • We are innovative in our approach to teaching and learning, using all resources to enable each student to achieve in all curricular areas and to be competitive beyond graduation.

    • Schools are safe, orderly, inviting and supportive environments where students are actively involved and optimal learning occurs.

    • Students, teachers, staff, parents, and the community have a shared responsibility to ensure the successful education of all children in our global society.

    • Student learning drives all decisions.