• Our Purpose at LHS is to: Provide each student with the best educational experience!


    Our Mission is "A Powerful and Relentless Pursuit of Excellence"









    We believe that students learn best when:


    1. Learning is a positive and rewarding experience.
    2. Student learning drives all decisions.
    3. Teachers are positive role models for their students.
    4. Teachers demonstrate their care and concern for the welfare of their students.
    5. The enthusiasm of school staff is evident in their work.
    6. An emotionally and physically safe environment in which to learn is provided for the students.
    7. They work with teachers who have strong content knowledge of the area(s) in which they teach.
    8. They are highly engaged in learning work that stresses experiences and hands on activities.
    9. The learning institution promotes the importance of learning and education for the 21st century society.
    10. High expectations and respect for diversity of talents and learning styles are valued.
    11. Cross-curricular integration is evident in the learning experiences provided them.
    12. Community involvement is evident in all aspects of the school.