What is E-Sports

  • ESports is competitive video gaming. The first E-Sports competition was in 1972 on the game SpaceWar, with first place winning a year's subscription to the Rolling Stone magazine. Since then, due to graphics and technology evolving, video games are more popular than ever before. In 2021, over 40 million dollars were won in ESports competitions. Due to this fact, many colleges are forming Esports teams. These universities offer scholarships to students that excel at gaming, like you commonly see in other sports like football. Many high schools and middle schools are also forming teams to give students a better chance of having the skill to get these scholarships.   

E-sports Wildcat

Lincolnton Middle ESports

  •                Lincolnton Middle School Esports team competes in AMLE League and Vanta General League. Each season they release what games competitions are available, team size, platform, and tournament days. As of Fall 2022, Vanta hosts a Fall season and a Spring season. We will be competing online against other schools both in our school district and outside of it (even out of state schools). All games will be held online from school or at their home, depending on what has been decided for the season. 

                   Competition days will begin after school. Students playing in competitions will warm up before their match. They will then play their assigned matches. After that, the results will be reported to the League. Practice days will also begin after school and will consist of a warm up. After that, the coach will introduce a new concept. Team members will practice the concept first alone, then with their team. After they feel confident, they will play rounds, using the new skill to perform better. At the end of the season, the team will go through the tryout process again to see how they improved.

Vanta School Code: 769268