St. James Elementary School is committed to the process of continual growth and improvement to meet the needs of all children. St. James strives to foster 21st Century learning while meeting the social, emotional, and physical needs of our children, by providing a safe environment. Involving the community, we will strive to teach our children to become good citizens and life-long learners. We are responsible, respectful, and relevant learners who are on task and on time. We are KIND Knights!



    St. James Elementary School, in partnership with the families and community, exists for our students. We strive to meet the academic, emotional, social, and physical needs of each individual student by creating a safe learning environment where students become responsible, contributing citizens and lifelong learners.



    1. Given the appropriate learning environment all students can learn.
    2. Student learning is the chief priority and drives all decisions impacting the work of the school.
    3. Students, families, teachers, administration, and community share the accountability and responsibility for student learning.
    4. Quality curriculum and instructional practices should provide a variety of learning activities which address diverse learning styles, abilities, and cultures.
    5. High expectations for student excellence should provide confident, self-directed lifelong learners.
    6. Consistent school attendance and punctuality are essential for maximum student learning.