• Handbook Information


    This handbook contains information concerning school policies and procedures. Please take time to read through the handbook with your child (ren). If you have questions after reading the handbook, please contact our school office. Communication between school and home is a vital part of your child (ren)’s success at Battleground Elementary School.


    The planner section of this book will assist students in the organization of daily, weekly and long-term assignments and projects. The planner will keep you informed of assignments and projects, as well as serve as a communication tool between you and your child’s teacher.  We expect each student to keep the planner throughout the school year. If it is lost, it may be replaced for a $3.00 fee.


    Students and parents will receive a weekly Sunday evening message at approximately 7 p.m. with information regarding the week ahead.


    We appreciate our Battleground families and look forward to a successful school year!


    Mission Statement


    The staff at Battleground will work cooperatively with students, families, and the community to teach the curriculum of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study in such a way that all students are challenged and motivated in a safe environment.


    It is our mission that all students exhibit positive social skills and make measurable growth in each mandated curriculum area to become responsible life-long learners and contributing citizens.







    We encourage our students to become their best.  To help us meet this goal, the Kiwanis Club sponsors the Terrific Kids Program, which recognizes students who show exemplary and/or improved behavior and academic progress.  Two students from each class will be recognized monthly in a special awards ceremony.



    Battleground Elementary School creates a nurturing environment through cooperation between students, staff, parents and the community.  We support achievement through high expectations and continuous improvements while focusing on individual needs.  We strive to guide our children to become confident life-long learners and contributing members of a global society.


    School-Wide Academic Goals


    Our goal is to provide instruction that will enable our children to master those proficiencies addressed in the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. This will include: teaching the goals and objectives of the North Carolina Curriculum; using a varied approach to instructional methods that addresses various learning styles; pacing of lessons that will maximize time; and aligning assessment with the curriculum.


    If necessary, we may invite your child to take part in remedial instruction. This may take the form of before/after school or a Saturday Academy.  Instruction will be aimed at helping students to reach grade level proficiency. We hope you will allow your child to take advantage of such opportunities if needed.






    Accountability Standards


    The North Carolina Student Accountability Standards, commonly known as the Gateways, involves students at grades 3, 5, and 8.  Students at these grades must: meet local promotion standards; score at Level III or above on state end-of-grade tests in reading and mathematics; and, score at or above proficiency level 2.5 on the grade four writing assessment. Students who do not meet these standards will be provided intervention and assistance to strengthen their academic progress. In addition, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) measures a school’s progress based on 10 subgroups, one being the school in its entirety.  This means that each subgroup must show adequate progress in order for the school to meet its goals.  We will be sharing additional information pertaining to the Gateways and NCLB with you throughout the coming school year.


    Homework Policy


    Homework is designed to extend and enhance skills learned in the classroom.  Parents should provide encouragement and assistance to their children on homework assignments.  However, parents should not complete assignments for their children.  Students should complete homework in a timely manner.  The following times serve as a guide:


    Kindergarten  10 – 20 minutes

    Grades 1 – 2   20 –30 minutes

    Grade 3           30 – 40 minutes


    Supplemental reading may be assigned in addition to the above times.  At the beginning of the year, each teacher will send home written information about grading practices and the expectations concerning homework.


    Progress Reports                                                                                            Report Cards

    September 28                                                                                                   November 2

    December 7                                                                                                     January 25

    February 22                                                                                                     April 11

    May 2                                                                                                              June 8

    Parent-Teacher Conferences


    Teachers will be scheduling conferences with parents.  We encourage parents to attend the conferences.  Employers are obligated to allow parents/guardians to take up to 4 hours per year for school purposes.  The school will provide a parent conference form for employer verification.  Please contact the school office or teacher at any time to schedule a conference.

    School Picture Dates


    Fall Pictures                Fall Picture Make up              Class Pictures                  Spring Pictures

       10/23/15                               12/4/15                                         1/22/16                               3/11/16


    Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)


    Battleground students are fortunate to have parents who are active in our PTO.  The PTO sponsors various projects and fundraisers that enhance our students’ educational opportunities.  We invite all parents, grandparents, and friends to join and support our school through PTO. The PTO meets two times a year at 7:00 PM.  Notices are sent home before each meeting.






    It is important that we use each day for the instruction of our students.  Parties will be restricted to two per year.


    School Hours

    Early Arrival of Students on Campus


    The faculty workday is from 7:40 to 3:10.  A teacher will be on duty to supervise the students at 7:30.  Students should not arrive before 7:30.  It is the responsibility of the parents to supervise any student on campus before 7:30 when the building is locked.  Parents should observe children as they enter the main building.  Children must enter the building when they come on campus.


    School Hours


    7:30 a.m.—Student arrival begins

    7:50 a.m.—School Begins



    After 7:50 a.m.

    Parents must sign their children in at the front office and note the reason for their tardiness


    School Dismissal Times


    2:35 p.m.         Bus Riders Dismissed

    2:40 p.m.         Car Riders Dismissed


    Student Pick-Up Procedures


    For safe and orderly purposes the following guidelines should be followed:

    • Be Prompt
    • Always display your child’s name on your rear view mirror
    • Wait in your car   
    • Follow the line of traffic to pick up children.  If a parent must come in at arrival or departure time, park away from the circle driveway.


      Car riders should line up on the north side of Jeb Seagle Road. After the buses have left, cars will be directed to enter to pick up students.






      Leaving School During the Day


      Only the parents, or other persons designated by the parents IN WRITING, are permitted to pick up a child.  Any person who picks up a child before the end of the regular school day must sign the child out in the school office and note the reason they are leaving early. 


      Students may not be checked out of school early after 2:15 unless it is an emergency. Minutes of lost instruction add up and can really hurt your child’s academic progress. 


      Custody/ Attendance Area


      Any legal documents pertaining to the custody of a student at this school should be on file at the school.


      Students are required to attend the school in the district in which their custodial parent lives.  Transfer requests may be applied for through the Lincoln county Board of Education. Contact the Board of Education office to obtain an application.




      We will be celebrating good attendance all year. Attendance at school is an important factor in the academic progress of our children. 


      Attendance every day is very important.  Parents have the responsibility of ensuring that their children are in school as provided by Article 20, Section 115-116 of the Pubic School Laws of North Carolina. 


      Following an absence, a student must bring a parent note when returning to school.  The note should include the student’s name along with the reason for and the date of the absence.  Failure to bring a note within three days of an absence will result in the absence being coded unlawful.  After 10 absences a note from a doctor, dentist, or court appointed official is required.  Family vacations ARE NOT considered excused.  If medical or dental appointments are non-emergencies, please schedule them after school or on days school is not in session. 


      Below are the valid/lawful excuses for temporary nonattendance at school:

    • Illness/Injury – Prevent student from being physically able to attend school
    • Quarantine – Isolation ordered by local health officer or by state board of health
    • Death in the Immediate Family
    • Medical or Dental Appointments – Documentation should be provided
    • Court or Administrative Proceeding – If the student is a party to the action or under subpoena as a witness
    • Educational Opportunity – Prior approval at the principals’ discretion



      Health Notes / Medicine Policy


      Please inform the teacher of any allergies, emotional problems, physical disabilities, etc., at the beginning of the school year.  If prescription medication is needed, it must be kept in the office and a form must be completed and signed by the doctor before any medication can be given at school.  The medication must be labeled with student’s name and prescription.  Battleground staff is prohibited from providing or administering over the counter medicines to students.   We encourage parents to ask doctors to schedule doses of medicines to be given before or after school. 


      Parents are responsible for providing the school current information on how to contact parents during the school day.  The school office and teachers need to be informed if this information changes during the year.  If the parents cannot be contacted by using the information provided and a life-threatening situation occurs, the school will take whatever action is necessary for the well being of the child.


      If a TICK is found on a student, it will not be removed.  Parents will be notified.


      ANY STUDENT WITH HEAD LICE, SCABIES, RINGWORM or PINK EYE will not be allowed to attend school until proper treatment has been administered and the parents provide the principal with proof that treatment has been given. 





                       Inclement Weather


      In the winter, the local radio station (WLON) as a well as a telephonecall will announce school delays, closings, or early dismissals due to snow, ice, etc.  These announcements are also made on the Charlotte TV and radio stations.  Please brief your child on what he/she is to do if school is dismissed early and you are at work.  Please provide your child’s teacher with information concerning early dismissal (i.e. if school is dismissed due to inclement weather, should your child ride the bus or be a car rider?)



      Student Conduct and Discipline


      Good behavior is reinforced with special activities, parties, happy visits, etc.  We expect our students to be well behaved and self-disciplined.


      Students who are disrespectful, use profanity, steal or destroy school property are immediately sent to the office for disciplinary action.  When a child is referred to the office, a letter will be sent home. Parents are asked to sign and to return the letter to the teacher.  The teacher or administration will notify parents of students who are frequent discipline problems.  Such contact disruption may result in a conference; development of a behavior contract; shadowing of the student by the parent at school; or out-of-school suspension.


      Students who fight may be sent home immediately. Also, acts of vandalism at school will result in restitution and possible out of school suspension.


      Knives and other dangerous weapons brought to school will result in suspension of the student and may result in expulsion.