• Schedule of Fees – LEAs only - Action by October 15 The schedule of student and staff fees, charges, and solicitations was previously required to be sent to DPI and was collected by the School Business Division. LEAs and schools are no longer required to submit this to DPI and instead must publish their fees on their websites by October 15th and keep it updated. The legislation per G.S 115C-47(6) states local boards of education shall adopt rules and regulations governing solicitations of, sales to, and fund-raising activities conducted by, the students and faculty members in schools under their jurisdiction, and no fees, charges, or costs shall be collected from students and school personnel without approval of the board of education as recorded in the minutes of said board; provided, this subdivision shall not apply to such textbooks fees as are determined and established by the State Board of Education. The local board of education shall publish a schedule of fees, charges, and solicitations approved by the local board on the local school administrative unit's Web site by October 15 of each school year and, if the schedule is subsequently revised, within 30 days following the revision. 


    Union Elementary Student Fees 

    Purchased Item

    Cost to Student

    Field Trips

    $ 30.00-95.00

    K-5 Music Recorders

    $ 5.00


    $ 5.00 

    K-5 Student Magazines 

    $ 5.00-10.00

    K-5 Yearbook

    $ 20.00- optional 


    Breakfast & Lunch will be free for the 21-22 school year.