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    2021-20222 School Improvement Team Members

    Kellie Dellinger, Principal
    Anna Gilbert , Assistant Principal

    Logan Webb- (Chair) Year 1

    Shaina Thomas- Counselor (Process Manager) 

    Tammie Allen- Media Specialist 

    Wanda Jenks- Pre-Kindergarten

    Danielle Pearson- Kindergarten

    Devon Hoyle - First Grade

    Kristin Fernetti - Second Grade

    Lydia Kanupp- Fourth Grade

    Anne Dixon- Fifth Grade

    Allison Colvard- Specials Area

    Kayla Carpenter- Exceptional Children

    Danielle Krupa - Classified Staff

    Parent Representative- Stephanie English



    2021-2022 School Improvement Meeting Dates:
    (all meetings begin at 3:00 pm unless otherwise stated)
    Wednesday, September 8th
    Wednesday, October 13th
    Wednesday, November 10th
    Wednesday, December 8th
    Wednesday, January 12th
    Wednesday, February 9th
    Wednesday, March 9th
    Wednesday, April 13th
    Wednesday, May 11th
    Tuesday, June 7th @ 1:00 pm 
    2022-2023 School Improvement Meeting Dates: 
    (all meetings begin at 3:00 pm unless otherwise stated)
    Monday, August 15th @ 9:00 am