• September: Mr Ron Patten - Math Dept

    "Mr Patten is always helpful whenever I need something...he will stop what he is doing to answer my questions. He also works hard to help his students learn and allows them to have a good time do so. He incorporates meaningful projects/examples in to his lessons so that students get a hands on/real life approach ...giving students a good grasp of the concepts being taught"

    "Mr Patten regularly asks coworkers how their day is going and constantly checks on others to offer help if needed. His students love his class and the positive energy he brings with him. He is knowledgeable and friendly to all and provides a wonderful example as the way an educator is supposed to be".


    October: Mr Robert Helma - Theater and Chorus

    "Mr Helma is a constant safe place and inspiration for his students and colleagues."

    "Mr Helma is inspiring to all students and pushes them to learn and be themselves."