Mrs. Mary McDaniel

Phone: 704-736-9610


Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Elementary Education Global Certified

Mrs. Mary McDaniel

My name is Mary McDaniel. I am so excited to be teaching at Childers Elementary this year! This will be my 27th year teaching. I am married to a wonderful husband. Chad. We have been married for 25 years. I have 2 girls named Morgan and Katie. Morgan has given me a wonderful grandson named Lincoln. I will have another grandson in December. I am so excited for Morgan and her husband Dennis. Katie is in college at UNC Greensboro. I have a new dog named Molly and 3 cats named Blossom, Stevie and Simba. I love to read various types of genres but mysteries are my favorite. I love SPORTS of all kinds. I spend my free time with my family and pets. I look forward to a great year here at Childers!


Here is the link for directions on Elearning for March 31- April 9th This has a more detailed infromation for this week ONLY.I have attached the two weeks of lessons on my assignment page on my web page.  I will do another detailed daily schedule for next week on Friday.


Student Name:  

Teacher Name:  Eurey, Matney, McDaniel, Scronce

Grade Level: 2nd

School:  Childers Elementary

March 30th - April 3rd This week’s assignments. You can print the sheets out or write your answers on notebook paper. If you got a paper copy, you may write on the sheets.



Monday- Spelling ( All Levels) - Read your words aloud to your parents 2 times each.

Tuesday - Write words 3 times each

Wednesday - Create 6 sentences with your spelling words.

Thursday- Take a practice spelling test

Friday- A parents will give you a spelling test.


Wordly WIse - Wordly Wise Sheets


Voc. Lesson #9 Week 1- March 31-April 3

 Monday Voc. p. 86-87 Read words/discuss with parents/Write a sentence with each word.

 Tuesday - Do 9A Words & Meanings p. 89-90

Wednesday  Applying Meanings p.91 Create a story using the words.

 Thursday -Read text: "Going Around in Circles"-Vocabulary in Context p. 92-93/Complete questions p. 93-94

Friday -  Review Words- Complete Crossword p.96


Pick one idea from the Writing Choice board. Write this on notebook paper.

YOu will pick one to do each day.




Reading- You can use a book of your own choice at home or use the online reading resources.

You will choose one choice to do on the choice board each day.


Then there is a reading passage and questions to do each day which you will find under the READING COMPREHENSION Comprehension section in GOOGLE CLASSROOM.



Each day you will do one page each from the math morning work packet.

It is just like a math morning worksheet we do every day.


Then you will watch a money video and only do level one. IF you can’t access the money video. That’s ok too. It was just a fun activity to do.


Then you will go to the money worksheet titled Measurement/Money. You can choose to do a page a day and get your parents to give you some change to practice with. 

The measurements sheets shouldn’t start until you have watched the videos. On Friday, watch the first video titled Measurement #1. Then you can do the measurement sheet. There will be more practice the following week so no worries if you are struggling with measurement. 


Science/Science- You can choose to do Scholastic News and Mystery You can also do the Scholastic News online too. Be sure to go to 2nd Grade with both of these sites. Just do one activity on each day. We only put 2 Scholastic News in the packets, The Volcano that erupted our Summer and The World’s Most Dangerous Cat. There are great video to go with this. BE SURE TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS ON BACK.


There are also links for Art, Music, and PE. for you to do too. HAVE FUN!


I will post  the next week’s  assignments on Friday.