Welcome to Mathematics

  • Math is what you make of it!

    Hello!  I'm Mr. Jones, the newest math teacher at West Lincoln High School.  I'm so excited about this coming year.   I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics from Campbell University.   I spent a career in the US Air Force working in cyber-security and telecommunications.   I did a 4-year career broadening assignment as an academic instructor at Air University, and that is where I got my passion for teaching.  

    My wife is also an elementary school teacher and we have two grown children with their own families.  I've lived in 4 countries and 7 states so we love to travel.  We have hosted 3 foreign exchange students in the last two years--from Italy, Germany, and Japan.  

    My teaching philosophy is that every student is capable of learning math.  Some may require more persistence but everyone can and should learn math.  Mathematics is about problem solving, not simply learning and applying formulas.  Mathematics is a logical process in solving real-world problems.  Every student (including life-long students) has strengths and weakness in mathematics but working together as a team we can help each other grow and learn. 

    I look forward to teaching the best students in Lincoln County.

     Mr Jones in Berlin



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