Mr. Terrell Barnes



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Mr. Terrell Barnes

  • Hey folks!

    I am the ISS, Credit Recovery, and District Learning Center coordinator for Asbury Academy this school year, emphasizing Accountability to all of the students in my class. I am genuinely privileged to work alongside such staff and students for a second year now, and look forward to the ever-positive moments and Responsibility that we are sure to build up over this school year. Being at Asbury has proven to be an experience that has benefited my own perspective greatly, while driving me to Grow along with the students here. Here at Asbury, we believe that no mistake is too great to recover from, and with Honor, we can improve ourselves and our community.

    I am a Lincoln County native, raised in the western end of the county, and an alumni of West Lincoln High School. I firmly believe in the power and benefit of learning and education, and I hope to never go a day without developing that belief further. I am still in the process of attaining a degree, after having spent several semesters at UNC-Asheville. I also spend a portion of free time involved in local theatre, both on stage and assisting with the backstage work of productions. Lincoln County is a wonderful place to live and grow, and with all of our help it will only continue to become great.

    Have a great school year! And most importantly: Accountability and Responsibility Grow Honor! 


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