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Read below what our school family has to say.

  • (Staff) What do you love about teaching at St. James?

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    Patricia: Great kids, supportive families, supportive admin, and admin provides me with requested resources. Our school has a family feel to it — we take care of each other.


    Jami: I love the supportive, nurturing environment in which we all work together to promote student learning and provide a positive work place for everyone.  I look forward to coming to school each day!


    Cyndi: St. James is the quintessential community school because of our small business outreach and welcoming atmosphere.  The sense of comfort is definitely evident when you walk through the doors. 


    Michael: I love working at this school because:

    1) Great administration that supports both students and staff
    2) The staff works together to meet the needs of each child
    3) The school environment is safe/positive and has a family feel
    4) The students/staff want to be here so academic success is a priority 
    5) Very supportive PTO and SJES Community/Businesses 
    Elaine: I love teaching at St. James because we are a family. We care about our students' education and we care about their families.  I love teaching at St. James because teachers are given freedom to be the unique people/teachers that we are. Teachers are respected for their fresh ideas and perspectives. Our Principal and Vice Principal keep things fun for everyone in the building!
    Tosha: What I love about teaching at SJES is fostering and watching students grow academically, emotionally, independently, and creating life-long friendships. Inspiring students to be the best version of themselves makes me feel complete as a teacher.  Making that positive impact on them is what I truly love about teaching here!  
    Gillian: What I love about teaching at St. James is how every single person in the building works as a team to make our school a positive environment for each and every student.  We work together to help each child learn and achieve their best in a focused and nurturing environment.  St. James is an exemplary example of a school that makes each person and each moment matter!
    Amy: I love everything about SJE! It is a magical place to teach! Some of what I love most is the community feel of the school. It is like one big family where everyone looks out for one another. I love my coworkers and the families of SJE!
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  • (Parents) What do you love about sending your child(ren) to St. James?

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    Kassie: My family has been a part of St. James for 7 years. All 7 years have been the best. Every single teacher and staff member love and want what's bes for all the students. I always felt so relieved when I drop my children off to know that they were safe and loved!


    Paige: I love that all of the teachers and staff know my child's name. St. James is more than a school. It's a family! The entire staff want the absolute best for our children and you see that each time you enter the school. I know that my child is safe and loved when she is at school. St. James makes learning fun!


    Stephanie: Our son has been at St James since Kindergarten and will now be going into fifth grade. We could not have asked for a more safe, nurturing, and loving environment for him. The teachers & staff take a personal interest in our son’s success and have been amazing, caring and supportive. We are also appreciative of the open communication from administration and teachers. They always make themselves available for any questions or concerns. Our son wants to be at school, every day, and if he needs to be absent, he feels like he will miss out on all the fun. I think this speaks volumes about St. James! We are extremely grateful to SJE for starting off our sons education in a positive direction.


    Elizabeth: I love the environment and culture at St. James. From the leadership to the teachers, I find the staff very responsive and caring. When I have had questions or concerns they have been immediately answered and addressed. My child feels cared for and supported while at school and for that I am so grateful!

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  • (Students) - Why do you love coming to school everyday?

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    Drew: We have the best teachers and playgrounds!


    Abby: It is so much fun!


    Finn: There are a lot of kind teachers and it's a fun school.


    Danny: We have the best school because the teachers and kids are very nice. I have made good friends and really like going to St. James. You can just be yourself there. 


    Liam: The people there are nice and there are no bullies.

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