• Teamwork

    Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

    What is a PLC? 

      PLC’s are Professional Learning Communities which allow teachers to share educational strategies. 

    PLC’s  guiding Questions:

    1. What do we as teachers expect our Students to Learn? 
         Teachers will post the Learning Objective each day on the board.

    2. How will students learn the materials?
         Study Guides, Small Group, Whole Class, Independent Learning, 2 Column Notes, Videos, etc.

    3. How will Access Student Learning?
         Formative Assessments (questioning of students during classes), Summative Assessments, and by assigning projects to allow student to demonstrate the learned objectives.

    4. How will teachers respond when a student does not learn in the class?
         We will conference with the students, the parents and if the student is still struggling we will refer the student to MTSS (Multi-Tiered Structured Support), provide the student with a PEP (Personalized Educational Plan), and provide other supports to enhance the student’s learning opportunities.

    5. How will teachers respond if the student already knows the material?
         Teachers can utilize the student as a peer tutor, the student could be given other assignment to enhance the learning opportunity (make real world connections, create student lead activities, etc.) and if the class knows the materials the teacher can re-evaluate the lesson plan.