• Magdalena Gaspar

    Welcome to my webpage! My goal is to hold clear expectations for myself and for my students. I'm an N.C. State graduate in Business-Marketing Education and a minor in Business Administration. I am split between East (fall semester) and North (spring semester) Lincoln high school. The courses I currently teach in LCS are Perosnal Finance, Principles of Business and Finance, Microsoft Word & PowerPoint and Career Management.


    I really enjoy working out, hanging out with friends/family, the lake/pool, and hiking. I look forward to the upcoming year and getting to know you. 



    Parents please fill out the form during the 1st week of classes. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

    Parent Contact Form


    School Supplies

    Face to Face in class: Hand Sanitizer, Facial tissues, Sanitizing Wipes, and mask.

    Students will need the following items for class: Binder and writing utensils.  Bring these items with you for Face to Face and will use at home

    For online learning: Chromebook (school-issued) if you have access to a computer which is not a Chromebook, then download from your Rapid Identity the Microsoft Office Applications--it is free!): may need access to a printer at home and paper for your printer.