SIT Plan
  • School Improvement Team members include:  Mark Grega, Alyson Spencer, Cindy Gates, Shelby Wariner (Chair), DeMise Williams, Kathy Cook, Edward Esslinger and Amanda Powers, Parent Representative. 


    Minutes will be updated after each meeting. You may access these minutes by using the guest log in. 

School Improvement Team and Plan

  • North Carolina schools are required to have a school improvement plan each year.  Asbury Academy uses a leadership tool named NCStar (Indistar) for the school improvement plan. 

    The tool will guide our SIT Team leadership when evaluating effective practices in a web based platform. 

    Most importantly, it focuses the team on the indicators that are needed to help improve a school's academic success in the school improvement plan.

    Like to know about NCStar??- Click Here

    To access our School Improvement Plan and to review our progress throughout the year visit and use the login information provided below:

    Guest Login- GuestS16651 
    Password - GuestS16651 

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