• Information for Parents and Students on Lincoln County Schools' Online Courses:

    If you are enrolled in an online course, we will be using the Canvas Learning Management system to provide content, discuss class topics, give and take quizzes and support teaching and learning goals. Students will access their course in Canvas by:

    1.  Going to the District Home Page (www.lcsnc.org)

    2.  Under the Student links they will click on Student Rapid Identity Portal.  (https://lcs-arms.lincoln.k12.nc.us/idp/AuthnEngine)


    rapid identity portal

    3.  Log in using the student's  UID number and password.

    4.  The portal has a link to Canvas.  Click on the link to go to the student dashboard.



    5.  All of the student's classes that have an online component will be in the dashboard.

    A summary of these directions and a demo is in the video below.  

    Getting Started in Canvas

     Click here to view this introductory video that demonstrates how to use Canvas as a Student.