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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Recreational Therapy from Western Carolina University Masters of Science in Communicative Disorders from California State University Licensed with the North Carolina Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (NCBOESLPA) Certificate of Clinical Competence for Speech-Language Pathologists by American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)

Mrs. Amy Peacock


Hi Speech Families, 

I sent an email out today 4/3/2020 to parents/guardians.  If for some reason you didn't get it contact me 704-736-1958 or 

I have added articulation and language activities/handouts to the bottom of this website. 

I miss you and I hope you are all staying well!  I am waiting to hear what speech will look like as school continues to be closed until May 15.  We are trying to make plans to serve our speech/language students remotely. At this time we are not certain what this will look like. I know your child has many assignments from their teachers and good speech/language can be used during all of those tasks as well. Thanks for all you are doing to keep your children learning. We will get through this!!  Amy Peacock  





  • Free internet access during this school closure time:

    Remember for Articulation (difficulty saying a sound) mastery follows these steps:

    Your student should know which step they are on.  If what you are working on is too difficult, go back a step.  

    1. isolation (ex. say the sound ex. r)

    2. syllables (ex. ray, ree, rye, row, rue, air, ear, ire, or, oor)

    3. words (beginning, middle, end ex. run, earring, wear)

    4. phrases (I ran. Her earrings. Wear a hat) You can use any word list to make your own short 2-3 word phrases. 

    5. sentences (I went for a run today. She has beautiful earrings. I can't find my slipper.) You can use any word list to make your own 4 or more word sentences. 

    6. reading (notice your sound when you read aloud a story/paragraph) if it's a worksheet from teacher you can underline all of the r's on the page then read it.  

    7. structured conversation (when asked to: speak on a topic, tell a story, answer a question, describe something) search for some conversation starter questions see link below. 

    8. unstructured conversation (spontaneous general everyday conversation) It has become a habit to say the sound correctly they don't even think about it anymore! 

     Help for Articulation:

    • Struggling with how to help your students produce speech sounds?
    • See videos by speech therapist Carrie Clark on youtube: ex. "Carrie Clark teaching k sounds" (fill in whatever sound you need)
    • Songs per speech sound search youtube: ex. "Patty Shulka th sound" (fill in whatever sound you need)
    • click on word lists, there are sentences, paragraph readings
    • click on speech sound resources
    • Word Vault is a free app for iPhone or iPad only-not Adroid :( Choose articulation then pick your sound, toggle at bottom (word through paragraph level)
    • Articulation Calendar and word lists (from TPT): Just copy and paste the link into a new internet tab to open
    • Monthly Calendar Articulation and Language: 
    • search for your sound ex. "s articulation" click free on the bottom left and worksheets/activities will come up 
    • Scroll through many articulation games at
    • Conversational Level of Speech- tell student for the next 10 minutes you will listen to their speech as you talk about a topic, here are some conversation questions:
    • Speech Buddies are tools that put tongue in exact position for correct speech: If interested, (this is not required) Speech Buddy tools are on sale this week 3/23/2020-3/28/2020 and free shipping. For full set /s, ch, sh, l, r/ use promo code 20Now If you buy a single tool use promo code Bonus15. A parent found code: SPEECHSAVINGS for 25% off. Try that code! Email me with questions and if interested I can forward this and future email discounts (they go on sale frequently).  I can also forward you lesson plans to go with speech buddies that they sent me. 


    Help For Language: (such as antonym/synonym, main idea, categories etc.)


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