• Welcome to Mr. London's Class:

    Tutoring is available before school from 7:30-7:50 or after school, by appointment. Students should provide at least one day's notice so that I can have materials prepared for them when they come for tutoring, make-up assignments and/or retaking quizzes/tests.

    The easiest way to reach me if you have any questions or concerns is by e-mail at jacob.london@lincoln.k12.nc.us. You can also call the school at 704-736-1017 and my extension is 61309.

    Required Supplies:

    Biology II Honors / AP Biology

    1. 3-Ring Binder (2" Preferred)
    2. Loose-Leaf Paper
    3. Composition Notebook
    4. Writing Utensils - Pencils AND Pens (Black/Blue AND Red)
    5. Coloring Utensils (Colored Pencils or Crayons)
    6. Calculator (with square root function)

    Biology / Honors Biology

    1. One-Subject Notebook
    2. Two-Pocket Folder
    3. Writing Utensil - Pen (Black/Blue) or Pencils
    4. Notecards (approximately 300)
    5. Glue Stick or Mini-Stapler
    6. Dry Erase Marker

    Optional Supplies:

    1. Assorted Candy (Biology ONLY)
    2. Coloring Utensils (Colored Pencils or Crayons)
    3. Tissues
    4. Cleaning Wipes
    5. Hand Sanitizer

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Mr. London
  • Fall Semester:

    1st Period: Biology II Honors

    2nd Period: Biology Honors

    3rd Period: Biology Honors

    4th Period: Planning

    Spring Semester:

    1st Period: AP Biology

    2nd Period: Biology

    3rd Period: Biology

    4th Period: Planning