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    Beginning on January 4th, 2016, Lincoln County Schools will begin implementation of the revised policy (# TCS-H-006 ) that will require school bus drivers to use a standard hand signal that tells students when a roadway is safe to cross.

    The hand signal has three steps.

    • First, the driver holds up his or her palm facing the student until it is safe to cross.
    • Second, the driver gives a “thumbs up” to the students.
    • For the third step, the driver points with his or her index finger the direction in which the child should proceed across the street.

    This will empower the driver, usually the single school system employee on the scene, and it will compel students to consciously assess the roadway by looking at their bus driver before stepping into an active street. For a graphic presentation of this new signal, visit www.ncbussafety.org/safetylessons.

    A press release from NC Department of Public Instruction that explains the procedures and rationale behind the change can be found here.



    There are a variety of resources available to help in learning the new School Bus Crossing Procedures.

    Take a moment to view the video on the new School Bus Crossing Procedures.  Video

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    Spanish Version of Instructions

    Spanish Version of Student and Parent Instructions:  Morning  and Afternoon.


    School Bus Safety Website

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