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    The State Board of Education released the 2017-2018 READY Accountability data. This model reports achievement in two ways:  proficiency and academic growth. Lincoln County Schools reported that 17 of 21 schools, whose growth status is reported by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), achieved expected growth, with seven of those schools exceeding growth expectations.    Grade Level Proficiency (GLP), which includes students who scored an achievement level of 3, 4, or 5, is 68% for Lincoln County compared to 58.8% for the state. The College and Career Ready (CCR) measure reports all students who scored an achievement level of 4 or 5. Lincoln County Schools’ district-wide proficiency rate is 57.9%. Lincoln County Schools’ proficiency rate is higher than the state proficiency rate of 49.2%.  Lincoln County Schools saw a 1.5% increase in the GLP and a 1.2% increase in the CCR from their 2016-2017 scores.

    The 2017-2018 school year is the fifth year for which public schools and charter schools will receive a letter grade under the General Assembly’s A-F School Performance Grades. The grades are based on the school’s achievement score and on students’ academic growth. The final grade will continue to be on a 15-point scale. Lincoln County Schools received one A, nine Bs, nine Cs, and one D. Six schools (Asbury Academy, Iron Station Elementary, North Lincoln High, Pumpkin Center Intermediate, St. James Elementary, and West Lincoln Middle) improved their growth status from the previous year.


    Achievement levels are reported on a five-level achievement scale.  Students who score at Achievement Level 1 show limited command of the subject material. Achievement Level 2 students show partial command. Achievement Level 3 is considered the state proficiency standard and students at this level show sufficient command of subject material. Students who score at this level may get on track for career and college readiness with additional academic support. Achievement Levels 4 and 5 are considered career and college ready and students at these levels show solid command and superior command of subject material respectively.

    Achievement Level 1:  Limited Command
    Achievement Level 2:  Partial Command
    Achievement Level 3:  Sufficient Command (State Proficiency Standard)
    Achievement Level 4:  Solid Command (Career and College Readiness)
    Achievement Level 5:  Superior Command (Career and College Readiness) 


    North Carolina's accountability model provides information on both academic growth rates and the percentage of students who scored proficient on state assessments. Growth reflects the academic progress students made during the course of the school year. Calculations for determining rates of GLP and CCR are unchanged from past years.


    Because of changes to the state’s accountability measurements required under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, school grades, growth results and graduation rates for the 2017-2018 school year are not comparable to past performance during the five years the state has assessed schools using A-F letter grades and 13 years reporting the Cohort Graduation Rate.  Schools are now accountable for the progress of non-English speaking students in mastering English skills and are subject to a number of other changes affecting School Performance Grades, growth calculations and the graduation rate.


    Also released is the 2017 North Carolina high school graduation data.  Lincoln County Schools continues to outpace the state in the graduation rate.  The district saw a graduation rate of 89.9% for its four-year graduation rate that surpassed the state four-year graduation rate of 86.3%.  Lincoln County Schools also saw a .5% increase in its five-year cohort graduation rate.  LCS achieved 91.4% compared to the state’s five-year graduation rate of 88%.   


    Dr. Lory Morrow, Superintendent expressed “Lincoln County Schools continues to increase student achievement well above state averages in all tested areas as measured by North Carolina's accountability model.  This is due to the hard work and dedication of our teachers, administrators and support staff.  Our staff continues to focus on meeting the needs of every student.  This is evident by student proficiency and growth steadily increasing.  I am extremely proud of our accomplishments and the districts academic progress to date." 

    Lincoln County School Highlights

    • The district four-year graduation rate of 89.8% is higher than the state’s graduation rate of 86.3%.
    • 80% of Lincoln County Schools met growth expectations.
    • Seven schools exceeded growth expectations.
    • One school received an A rating
    • Lincoln County Schools’ average GLP of 68% was higher than the state GLP of 58.8%.
    • The Lincoln County Schools’ CCR average of 57.9% was higher than the state CCR of 49.2%.



    In addition to other changes required under the federal ESSA law, the state will also report School Performance Grades for each subgroup within a school when at least 30 students are counted within all tested grades or subjects.  Subgroup grades will be reported to the State Board of Education at its October 3, 2018 meeting.  Other school designations will be identified at this same meeting.


    More information about the READY Accountability Model and the 2017-2018 results can be found at http://www.ncpublicschools.org/accountability/reporting/.