• The 2016-2017 Report Card Information for Lincoln County Schools can be found at the following websites:



    NC School Report Card Site

  • Superintendent's Letter

    Dear Parents and Citizens,

    The mission of Lincoln County Schools is to work together with students, families, and the community to ensure a quality, innovative educational program in a safe environment where students become responsible, contributing citizens and lifelong learners.  Woven within the fabric of this mission is the belief that students, staff, parents, and the community have a shared responsibility to ensure the successful education for all students. We are proud of what we accomplished as a district during 2016-2017, yet we realize the future is filled with many challenges.  As a district, we will continue to explore new ways to raise student achievement and assist our staff and students in meeting the challenges set before them.  The 2016-2017 Report Card reflects the continued commitment and support of these stakeholders.

    The school performance grades are comprised of student proficiency (80 percent) and growth (20 percent). For some schools that meet or exceed expected growth, the growth calculation would lower their letter grade. In those instances, growth is not included in the letter grade.

    The school report card offers data regarding all Lincoln County Schools, including class size and student performance.  North Carolina's new accountability model continues to provide information on both academic growth rates and the percentage of students who scored proficient on state assessments. Growth reflects the academic progress students made during the course of the school year. It is quite possible for a student or a school to have a strong pattern of academic growth yet have many students who may not have scored proficient or above on state tests. It is quite possible for a student or school to have a strong pattern of academic growth yet have many students who may not have scored proficient or above on state tests.  Grade level Proficiency (GLP) includes students who score an achievement level of 3,4, or 5.  The College and Career Ready (CCR) measure reports all students who scored an achievement level of 4 or 5.  

    Highlights from the 2016-2017 school year in Lincoln County include:

    • The district graduation rate of 90.8% is higher than the state’s graduation rate of 86.5%.
    • Nineteen of twenty-one schools reporting growth measures met growth expectations.
    • Five schools exceeded growth expectations.
    • One school received an A+ng, earning an A and not having an achievement gap larger than the largest state average achievement gap.
    • Lincoln County Schools’ average GLP of 66.5% was higher than the state GLP of 59.2%.
    • The Lincoln County Schools’ CCR average of 56.7% was higher than the state CCR of 49.2%.
    • Six schools improved by one letter grade.  

    With rigorous state test standards, Lincoln County Schools faces challenges each year; however, our students and staff members continue to work hard to improve academic performance. The strong commitment of staff, students, parents, and community will set the stage for continued academic growth and success in the future.

    You will find the full results for Lincoln County Schools on the NC School Report Card website, http://www.ncpublicschools.org/src/.



    Lory Morrow, Ed. D.