• Kevin Still 

    Welcome to my webpage!  Please visit the band's full website, www.bandofknights.com, for detailed information regarding the bands such as schedules, forms, payment information and much more! Please email Mr. Still (kevin.still@lincoln.k12.nc.us) or call the band office at (704) 736-1969, ext. 61716, if you have questions. Thank you!
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Mr. Still
    Room: Band Room (716)
    Email: kevin.still@lincoln.k12.nc.us
    Band Office Phone #: 704-736-1969 ext. 61716
    Course Schedule:
    Fall Semester
    Period 1: Planning
    Period 2: Brass Class
    Period 3: Woodwind Class
    Period 4: Percussion Class
    Spring Semester
    Period 1: NLMS/Planning 
    Period 2: NLMS/Planning
    Period 3: Wind Ensemble         
    Period 4: Symphonic Band