• Mission and Guiding Principles:

    DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepenuers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. Our guiding principles explain how we fulfill our mission by addressing what we do and the outcomes we expect. 

    DECA prepares the next generation to be:

    • Academically Prepared- members are ambitious, high-achieveing leaders equipped to conquer the challenges of their aspirations
    • Community Oriented- recognizing the benefit of service and responsibility to the community, DECA members continually impact and improve their local and broader communties 
    • Professionally Responsible- DECA members are poised prefessionals with ethics, integrity, and high standards
    • Experience Leaders- DECA members are empowered through experience to provide effective leadership through goal setting, consensus building, and project implementation.

    Learn more about DECA in general at the organzational webpabge: http://www.deca.org