• Mrs. Cole and Mrs. Nascimento are delighted to serve our students at ELMS. Please call or email your child's counselor if there is anything they can to do in support of your child's success at ELMS! 



    Access my web page at: https://www.lcsnc.org/Domain/835

    Mrs. Cole is our counselor for 6th grade HORNETS, CHALLENGERS and EAGLES teams and 7th grade NIGHTHAWKS team
    Hornets - Mrs. King - Math, Mrs. Smith - Science, Mr. Workman - Social Studies, and Mrs. S. Huffman - Language Arts
    Challengers - Mrs. Shearin - Math, Mrs. Rehfuss - Science, and Mrs. A. Huffman - Language Arts (All teach a section of Social Studies)
    Eagles - Mrs. Poole - Math/Science, Mr. Dugan - ELA/Social Studies
    7th GRADE TEAM
    Nighthawks - Mrs. Hollar - Math, Mrs. Stewart - Science, Mrs. Rodgers - Social Studies, Mr. Elmore - Language Arts
    Mrs. Nascimento is our counselor for the 7th grade RAPTOR team and 8th grade BLUE ANGELS and VOYAGER teams
    Access my class web page at https://www.lcsnc.org/Domain/836
    7th GRADE TEAM
    Raptors - Mrs. Hipp - math, Mrs. Soltis - science, Mr. Thompson - social studies, and Ms. Hesse - language arts
    Blue Angels - Mrs. Stines - math, Mrs. Spicola - science, Mr. Emory - social studies, Mr. Nolen - language arts
    Voyagers - Mr. Lykon - math, Ms. Bruno - science, Mrs. Friel - social studies, Mrs. Vickers - language arts

    Please contact your counselor to discuss any questions or concerns you may have
    regarding your child's academic, personal and/or social development.

    Counselors can be reached by phone at (704) 732-0761 or email.  Counselors also do their best to accommodate walk ins.