• Student Services


    Student Services professionals, such as school counselors, social workers, and nurses provide services based on student and family needs. Services may include academic advising, career/post-secondary counseling, crisis counseling, parent consultation/information, referral to school/community resources and/or agencies, specialized testing and special-needs support groups.

    Additional services include Section 504, Homeless Program, Student Enrollment, Truancy, and Student Disciplinary Hearings.

    When help is needed, please do not hesitate to contact your school counselor, who can assist in the coordination of support services.

  • RS

    Rusty Saine

    Chief of Accountability & Student Information




    Tammy Wright

    Administrative Assistant



    • Homeless Program
    • Student Enrollment
    • Truancy
    • School Nurses
    • School Social Workers


             Phone: 704-732-2261

             Fax: 704-736-4298