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    Welcome to Lincoln County Schools' Pre-School Program. Our program consists of eleven classrooms at various schools across our county. We fund our Pre-School classrooms through three different money sources.  Pumpkin Center and Iron Station are funded through Title I, NC Pre-K, and Exceptional Children. Battleground, Childers, G.E. Massey #1, G.E. Massey #2, and North Brook are funded through NCPre-K, Title I, and Exceptional Children.  S. Ray Lowder and Love Memorial are funded through NC Pre -K, Title I, and Exceptional Children. Rock Springs is funded through NC Pre-K and Exceptional Children.  We also have additional Exceptional Children Pre-School classrooms at Catawba Springs, G.E. Massey, and North Brook.  All of our classrooms are five-star facilities as measured by the ECERS Rating Scale.  




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    Donald Welch
    Donald Welch                          
    Preschool Coordinator                                              
    704-736-1017 Ext. 30137                                         
    Jenny Brogden
    Jenny Brogden 
    Administrative Assistant
    to the Preschool Coordinator
    704-736-1017 Ext. 30182