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    East Lincoln Middle School Cheerleading



    We are so excited that your daughter has expressed interest in trying out for the ELMS Cheerleading Squad!

    If you are reading this letter, your 6th or 7th grade daughter has received a packet of information.  If your daughter is a rising 6th grader you will need to pick up a copy of the forms in the front office of your daughter's school or print a copy off of the ELMS homepage under Cheerleading.  In order to participate in tryouts from May 15-17th, each prospective cheerleader must have a current physical on file with ELMS, a signed concussion form, and 1 teacher recommendation sheet completed and returned to the ELMS front office by the teacher, and the papers in the Cheer Tryout packet filled out fully and truthfully.  All of these forms will be due by the 1st day of tryouts or they will not be able to participate.  (NO exceptions)


    During the 3-day tryout, we, along with the other judges, will be looking for the following:

    •         Cheerleaders who are full of energy and spunk
    •         Sharp, precise motions in cheers, chants and dances
    •         Girls who can be loud and project a lot of spirit
    •         Flexibility with jumps and kicks

    *As far as tumbling is concerned, it is definitely an asset but by no means is it a requirement.

    Aside from talent and physical capabilities, the most important factor is attitude.  Being on the cheerleading squad is a true privilege and each cheerleader is a representative of our school.  We are looking for team players and positive, encouraging attitudes.  The ability to work with others is HUGE in this sport!


    Below is a brief overview of tryouts:

    •       Wednesday 5/15(3:30-5:30) - Review motions and jumps.  Split up into groups to learn

             cheer and chant. Learn dance.

    •       Thursday 5/16 (3:30-5:30) -  Review cheer, chant, jumps and dance.
    •       Friday  5/17 (3:30 – finished) TRYOUT  -  We will assign a time  for each Group of 4 to

            perform the cheer, chant and dance for judges.


    The team will be chosen at the end of tryouts on Friday.  Each girl will receive a letter on Friday letting them know if they made the squad.   All decisions will be final.  


    IF YOU ACCEPT A POSITION ON THE SQUAD, YOU ARE COMMITTING TO BOTH FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL SEASONS. Football games are on Wednesdays at 5:00 pm.  Basketball games are on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 4:00 pm and ending as late as 6:30 pm.  We will practice on the days we do not have games from 3:00-4:30pm.  Please take into consideration that being on this squad is a time commitment and we need each cheerleader at every game and practice to make it a successful season.


    We are very excited to meet each of your girls and have a great time learning together.  It is our goal to make this a positive learning experience for all!  Please email me with any further questions you may have:  kelly.cole@lincoln.k12.nc.us